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Paint Protection Las Vegas

Stop Road Debris, Bugs, And Small Rocks From Damaging Your Car.

Remember when it was common to see a car driving down the street with a full-on leather bumper mask covering the front of the vehicle? It’s the same thing but much better! The material is an invisible urethane fill that is applied onto the most vulnerable locations likely to damage your car. It acts as a barrier to any potential threats to the painting on your vehicle.

It can repair minor scratches and scuffs which helps to keep a brilliant and brand new look to the vehicle. Feel free to stop by our shop or call us at 702-868-6000 with any questions you have.

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Benefits Of Paint Protection

Clear & Glossy Paint

Invisible finish, enabling clear and glossy paint.

Retains Its Value

Retains vehicle resale value, and cheaper than having to repaint.

Computer Cut Technology

Individually computer cut for your specific year, make, and model.

Stops Stains

Stops chemical stains and etching caused by bird droppings and bug splatter.

Protects Against Chips & Scratches

Guards against chips and scratches caused by roceks and road debris.

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

It preserves the clarity of your paint.

What Our Clients Say

We’ll let our clients show off for us.

Excellent place for tinting to keep me 100% cooler than before. Very helpful and I would recommend them to more friends. Very exceptional customer service and workmanship.
Aaron Pursell
Let me tell you that coming here was the best decision I made. I was definitely not disappointed, and I don’t regret coming here. My car has never looked better! I was greeted by a friendly, professional staff member and the staff are super respectful. The quality and prices were great. They were polite and took there time to answered all my questions.
Andrea Palacios
Got my windows tinted today, very happy with the job, quality work and ready as promised. Edward explained all the details. Definitely recommend them to my friends. Not sure how this place can get negative reviews. Definitely best in town!
Narine Zaharyan
Auto Tint Express is the way to go. They have great prices amazing customer service and great quality work. They did a wonderful job on my car. I love how enhanced it looks now. I had an amazing experience and would highly recommend to anyone. I trust Auto Tint Express. Thank you guys.
Azael Palacios

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Have Questions?

Here are some FAQs answered by our team.

Our invisible bra films are UV Stable, so the sun discolors the entire vehicle at the same rate. As long as you maintain the vehicle’s paint on a regular basis, washing and waxing, there will be no discernable difference.

Yes. The urethane film is energy absorbent. In fact, it was designed originally to prevent damage on the leading edge of helicopter rotor blades.

Installation will vary. Much depends on the amount of coverage and the particular vehicle. It usually takes couple of hours to a full day, but small jobs can take just an hour. Large wraps can take few days.

The urethane film comes to us in bulk form and we computer cut designs to exactly fit various surfaces. The film is then applied using similar method to window film.

This depends on the manufacturer. Send us a message and we can let you know in more detail.

For any small scratches that are a regular occurrence, clear bra paint protection is great. Small debris on the road that causes small dents are going to be protected by the clear bra. It is self healing! It will not recover if it in the noticeable tear however.

It is a good idea to discuss this with your insurance because the answer can vary. A lot of insurances do in fact cover clear bra paint protection, but you should always double-check with your insurance first.